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We are wholesalers and distributors company with a wide range of quality products from various categories. We believe in fostering strong partnerships and delivering exceptional service to every brand that joins us.

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Our Warehouse

We have enough space capacity to sustain all the operations we need, we are involved in showing excellence to our cluster hub and relationships.

We are doing our best everyday to satisfy our costumer needs and expanding providers volumes of sales, growth product quantity and storage capacity is our object and that is why our cluster is in a constant commitment with us.

Experts in products and volume sales

Buy by Container or Trailer
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Buy by Assorted Packages

Option designed for small entrepreneurs. It allows you to build your order with a minimum purchase of one (1) pallet. It is ideal for customers who want to consolidate several categories within the same order.

Alternative to reach microentrepreneurs to prove product lines within its target market. Minimum purchase from 250 units per package and category.

We have great offers per container (20 to 40 feet – high cubic capacity) or truckload in a wide variety of categories, brands and items with or without packing list.

How to Buy?

Our business model does not require a previous visit to buy. Our sales representatives will gladly assist you through our different contact channels! 

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